Links to Data and Code for Smith

Links to Data and Code for

Smithson, M. & Merkle, E.C. (2013).  Generalized Linear Models for Categorical and Continuous Limited Dependent Variables.  Chapman & Hall. 



Data-file Documentation


Stata Files

CHAPTER 2:    ch2_skip.dta

CHAPTER 3:    ch3_babies.dta              ch3_cocaine.dta           ch3_cocaineplus.dta    ch3_trchoice2.dta

CHAPTER 4:    ch4_email.dta               ch4_treatment.dta

CHAPTER 5:    ch5_fixation.dta           ch5_workdays.dta

CHAPTER 6:    ch6_carsales.dta           ch6_dyslexic3.dta         ch6_guilt1.dta               ch6_guilt3.dta

CHAPTER 7    ch7_dass.dta                 ch7_euthan.dta             ch7_exam.dta               ch7_grades.dta      ch7_rtime.dta                ch7_intervalbeta.dta


.CSV Files

CHAPTER 2:    ch2_skip

CHAPTER 3:    ch3_babies              ch3_cocaine           ch3_cocaineplus    ch3_trchoice2

CHAPTER 4:    ch4_email              ch4_treatment

CHAPTER 5:    ch5_fixation          ch5_workdays

CHAPTER 6:    ch6_carsales           ch6_dyslexic3         ch6_guilt1               ch6_guilt3

CHAPTER 7    ch7_dass                 ch7_euthan             ch7_exam               ch7_grades      ch7_rtime                ch7_intervalbeta


R and Stata Code

 Ch 7 heteroscedastic Tobit model        Ch 7 interval beta regression model