Scripts and Software Resources for Testing Equal Variance Ratios and Moderator Effects

This webpage contains links to software resources that enable you to estimate models of the kind described in Smithson, M. (2012) A simple statistic for comparing moderation of slopes and correlations.

These are variously available in R, Mplus, SAS, and SPSS from this page.

The links in the table below enable you to download files containing instructions, commented code, and data-sets where appropriate.

R files

Mplus files

SPSS files

SAS files

EVR and moderators with R EVR and moderators with Mplus EVR and moderators with SPSS EVR and moderators with SAS

Data files

Data files

Data and code files

Data and code files

eqdat eqdat.dat eqdat.sav EVR_SAScode.txt
semex semex.dat semex.sav semex_SAScode.txt
fourdat fourdat.dat fourdat.sav fourgroup_SAScode.txt

Links to the R code for the simulations in Smithson (2012) may be found here.

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